We are hiring tourguides

-especially guides proficient in German, French, Spanish and/or Italian.

We are expanding and cruises are coming.

You will guide groups of up to 30 people on the best things to do, places to see and stuff to know in Aarhus. The tours last between 2-5 hours and are during the day and in the night. Our tours are available on almost all Saturdays as well as on days with arriving cruise ship between april and september. In 2017 we expect to do 150+ tours.

We expect you to:

  • Be natural geeky when it comes to the history, people, stories and places of Aarhus and Denmark and be interested in learning more.
  • Have lots of enthusiasm.
  • Make friends out of strangers during a few hours.
  • Be super-punctual and good at keeping to a schedule.
  • Think on your feet if things don’t go as planned.
  • Be an emphatic and pleasant person.
  • Be fluent in English and proficient in german, french, spanish and/or italian. Other languages are welcome too.

In return we offer

  • Exciting experiences while you stay in Aarhus.
  • The freedom to do the tours according to your interests.
  • The mastery of knowledge about Aarhus and Denmark and improving your skills of storytelling, sales, customer service, research and networking.
  • The purpose of knowing that guests of Aarhus leave with a good impression of the city because you have helped them discover the best of Aarhus.
  • A nice salary and good perks.
  • The pleasant company of other Danish and international guides.

Does this sound like you? Contact us at


How do I become a guide?

Show us – don’t tell us.

We prefer a short video (max 1 minute) in a mail to or via a Facebook message. In the video you should present yourself or tell a story about something you like. Just record it on your smartphone in one take.
First we arrange for you to see a free walking tour and have a talk with the chiefguide, so we get to know each other. We agree on a date where you have prepared a 10 minute guided tour with 1-2 stops of your choice. Your only ‘guest’ on the tour will be the chiefguide. Make a good impression and you’ve got yourself a job.

We are basically looking to answer one question: Will we have a good time in the company of this person?

Why do we prefer a video? This type of job has nothing to do with your ability to write a great resume. The only thing that matters is how you are perceived as an individual.

I have previous experience as a tour guide, what do I do?

Great, we’ll love to have you. Follow the instructions above.

What does it cost to become a guide?

0 dkk. However you will need to spend some time and effort in preparing, training and researching.

When can I start?

As soon as you feel comfortable about the tour you are going to do.

Do you have a training course?

No. Being a guide is on-the-job training. To become a good guide you need experience. You can only get experience by doing tours. Learning the facts and stories are only half the job – this you can learn about by researching online and in books. The other half of the job is your people-, storytelling- and empathy-skills. You can only train these skills in real life situations.  So you’ll learn much more doing real tours than you will training for weeks in a classroom.

Another great way for guides to improve the tour is to observe how other guides do the tour. No two guides do the same tour exactly alike.

What tours can I do?

It depends on your skills and interests. See the menu -> our tours for more info on the different tours.

Can I do the tour in my native language?

Yes, if you have a group that speaks your native language. We will be happy to organize our tours in your language, because the guests always get the best experience when they are guided in their native language.