Partners and friends

We couldn’t do what we do without the help of these fine people and organisations.

Tir Na Nog, Aarhus: Irish sports bar with friendly bartenders. Our Pub Crawl starts here.

Burger Shack, Aarhus: We really, really loooove everything about this place. They do the best burgers in Aarhus

Bar Smil, Aarhus: A fun-loving bar in a side street to Åen. Great bartenders, good music and cozy atmosphere.

Escobar, Aarhus: Escobar are mixing rock, metal and madness in a loving and respectful atmosphere.

Lou Lou: Experience flairing and the absolute best cocktails in all of Aarhus.



Roberto Borgen. Photographer. He has taken many of the good pictures on our tours.

Michael Schumer: Fixed our English grammar. In his leisure time he is fiddling with YouTube, video and photography.

Strawberry Tours London: Free Walking Tours and fun pub crawls in London. Great guys.

Discover Prague: Top ranked walking tours in Prague.

Robin and the tourguides: Our friends in Hamburg, who also do Free Walking Tours.