Partners and friends

We couldn’t do what we do without the help of these fine people and organisations.

Tir Na Nog, Aarhus: Irish sports bar with friendly bartenders. Our Pub Crawl starts here.

Burger Shack, Aarhus: We really, really loooove everything about this place. They do the best burgers in Aarhus

Bar Smil, Aarhus: A fun-loving bar in a side street to Åen. Great bartenders, good music and cozy atmosphere.

Fidel’s, Aarhus: We love their cocktails.

Escobar, Aarhus: Escobar are mixing rock, metal and madness in a loving and respectful atmosphere.

Guldhornene, Aarhus: Cafe Guldhornene is a ‘hyggelig’ bodega, where all types of people meet for a cold beer and pleasant conversations.

Rådhus Kafeen, Aarhus: One of the oldest restaurants in Aarhus. They serve classical Danish food.

Landmad, Aarhus: We are in love with their concept of sustainability and ecology. You can buy products from friendly farmers and skilled producers who work carefully, hard and passionately to bring you the best of the best.

Roberto Borgen. Photographer. He has taken many of the good pictures on our tours.

Michael Schumer: Fixed our English grammar. In his leisure time he is fiddling with YouTube, video and photography.

Strawberry Tours London: Free Walking Tours and fun pub crawls in London. Great guys.

Discover Prague: Top ranked walking tours in Prague.

Robin and the tourguides: Our friends in Hamburg, who also do Free Walking Tours.